Small Water

Small Water

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For the first time ever, we are offering handpainted tags made from antlers! These antlers are naturally shed and found from the northern nature and further worked in the patio of our Lil Red Studio!

The top is coated with resin so these tags have no name option! Name can be added to the back; as well as a number or a little message if you wish!

Due to the coating they are resistant to water, but we still advice against holding your tag under the water for long periods of time. Also after being out in the rain, we recommend the tag to be dried. Our tags have been attached to the front of harness of a really energetic border collie, and they have survived well! The resin is mostly resistant to impact but can get scratches in tough play.

Since the tag is made from antler, it also makes a tasty treat, so make sure not to leave it where your dog can get it!

size: 2cm x 3,5cm