How to order a custom tag

Let’s get right down to it! 

In order for you to order a custom made tag, you have to be IN TOUCH WITH US. Our email address and Instagram handle can be found at the bottom of the page, as those are the best ways to contact us. 

While our ready-made tags are mostly scenery ones, for custom work we have done several different kinds as you can see from the photos we added. So don’t hesitate to come to us with YOUR IDEA!

Include REFERENCE PHOTOS and any potential COLOR WISHES you might have when you send your message. If you are ordering a wooden tag, also include the size and shape you’d want (can be found in our custom listing). If you want an antler tag, mention that too so we can send you a picture of the available ones!

THE PRICE varies, depending on the details and estimated time it takes to finish the painting. The transaction will happen after final sketch is approved by you but before we start painting. 

We take our work very seriously and want you to be happy with the final result, which means that we will be in touch with you as the process goes along. So when you contact us and we agree on the design, make sure to CHECK YOUR MESSAGES so final work can be approved. 

Each tag will be coated in resin to protect the paint and the backside will have space for a name, number or a little message. In wooden tags that will be burned on and in antler tags written with a marker. 

As the work is made custom for you, we accept no return or refunds on the tags.